Is Trump Stupid? Or, How the Left is Being Bamboozled by the Right.

The common refrain we’re seeing with Trump is that he’s a fool, a useful idiot, a moron being used by the likes of Bannon, Putin, and all the other bad actors out there. He’s a patsy and a tool, and we delegitimize him as a real threat and claim he’s nothing more than a buffoon not worth getting mixed up with. Mother Jones is referring to Trump’s Immigration Order as immoral, stupid, and counterproductive. Tom Steyer is saying his position on the pipeline is stupid. Jeff Chidester of Seacoast Online refers to Trump’s tariff plan as stupid as well. Even the New York Times gets in, hitting not only Trump but the entire GOP as stupid. But what if Trump isn’t as stupid as people say he is? What if this is all just a show, and his team are all actors, and we’re all the audience? What if he’s smarter than Team Blue gives him credit for? Maybe we’re all being taken for a ride by this con man, and he’s actually smart, cunning, and completely unethical. Maybe, just maybe, he’s smart as a fox and twice as treacherous.

Let’s start with Trump’s life. He didn’t get where he is today by being stupid. Stupid people do not create multinational media powerhouses. They do not successfully stamp their name to countless properties across the world. They don’t end up marrying two models and an actress, and they sure don’t end up winning the POTUS where everyone said they would fail.

Let’s make no mistake. I’m not holding any of the previous accomplishments up as good, or even desirable. Trump’s accomplishments are those of a narcissist, and I’d much rather be an Elon Musk than a Donald Trump any day of the week, but let’s be clear here. You don’t get where he is by being stupid, and there’s a much better explanation that fits the bill here.

Trump is first and foremost an entertainer. What does that mean? He knows people. He gets people. And he knows what they want. The Left wants Trump to be the dumb evil fool they can love to hate. The Right wants Trump to be the easily steered useful idiot they can hate to love. The Alt-Right wants Trump to be the fellow Culture Warrior they love to love. Trump is playing all these parts perfectly.

To the Alt-Right, Trump is giving them everything he’s ever promised them. Bannon is in high levels of government. Culture-Warrior whackjobs are installed throughout the cabinet. Trump is putting in the Ban and the government is looking away from non-Islamic extremism (read: Racial violence). Basically, every thing Team Pepe wanted.

Team Red is getting what they want — economic deregulation, a supreme court justice with Conservative bonafides that will survive for 40 more years (minimum), and the gutting of their big bugaboos, the Department of Education and the EPA.

And Liberals? They’ve got the dumb evil fool they want. He spends time bitching about his bathrobe and about his daughter’s business deals. He rants on Twitter against judges and lawyers that rule against him, getting even the so-called mainstream Conservative supreme court justice candidate mentioned above to rail against it. He presents himself as the evil the Liberals love to hate…giving them plenty of red meat.

Mother Jones, even as they bashed Trump as stupid, recognized one simple fact. In all of this day to day noise, we’ve lost track of an older, bigger story: What happened to the Russian meddling with the Election last year? The Media has been busy chasing after Trump’s latest outrage. In the process, the actual scandal that could sink this entire administration, the collusion with and interference by a foreign agency, has been lost. Let’s say this another way. Instead of focusing on Trump’s ties to Putin, and his profiting from his office of President, we’re arguing about whether or not he wears a bathrobe at night.

Seriously, people? Is THIS what you’re going to focus on?

Trump is playing the Left like a finely tuned instrument. Far from the works of a barely competent, brainless fool, this is the work of a mastermind. Trump is playing the Left, giving them the foe they want to hate, and plenty of distractions. And the Left, underestimating him, is ignoring the real issues, giving him the pass he desperately wants.


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