Steam’s Family Account Sharing: A Poorly Named ‘Feature

So, I’m researching how we can get Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so that we may both play it. Steam’s Family Account Sharing sounds like just the answer, right?


It’s not too much to expect that if I’m playing Mankind Divided, T can’t, and vice versa. I get that. One copy of the game means only one of us can play at a time. If we both want to play, we need two copies. It bums me out that this is true, but hey. If you wanted to play Final Fantasy X, and your brother/sister/husband/wife/mother/father was playing, you either had to ask them to surrender the game or wait until they were done with it. So, get the other PS2 out and fire up Kingdom Hearts on the other TV while they play FFX, right?

In the era of Steam, no. You see, when your partner borrows the game they are playing, they don’t just borrow that game. They borrow your entire fucking library! To use the analogy above, it would be like when you want to let your friend borrow FFX, you have to give every fucking game you own to them, because Sony insists that’s how it must be done.

What the fuck is wrong with these people!?

And if that’s not bad enough, if someone who is borrowing your library gets a ban for cheating, that ban applies to your account. I don’t worry about my wife cheating, but seriously…a ban for something someone else does? It’s almost like Steam is trying to discourage Family Sharing. Almost like they would rather you buy another copy of the game, so they throw all sorts of artificial bullshit in your direction.

So, I’ll have to see if there’s another alternative to Steam if I want to share games with my wife. Guess I’ll have to start researching that.


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