Technology and Asshattery, Disrespect of a Different Sort

Late last week, rumblings began on the Internet of an issue that would explode within a week into a massive shit-storm of epic proportions. What is it? A piece of scumware installed on Lenovo computers that not only annoys you with ads in every place, but does so by installing a certificate that allows for Man in the Middle Attacks. If you have a Lenovo computer, you might just want to either take it back or blow away its OS for something clean.

I’ve mentioned a few things about respect and the lack there-of. But this takes the cake. Because they want to inject ads _everywhere_, including into your HTTPS traffic, they have poked a massive hole into your security framework and exposed you to scummy jerks out there who want your HTTPS traffic for lots more than just shoving ads in your face. Lenovo has put all of their customers in jeopardy, forcing them to either spend money to undo the damage or risk exposing themselves to threats on the web. And for what? To shove a crappy ad in your face? Lenovo saved how much on the cost of their laptops for this shit?

Once again, we get screwed by utter disdain for each other.


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