DLC and games

Kotaku has an interesting article on DLC and how it’s a hated aspect of modern gaming. That spurred some interesting thoughts on DLC in my own mind.

DLC for those not familiar with the term is ‘DownLoadable Content”. DLC happens when you buy a game, and find that something that’s part of the game has its own charge. Gamers tend to rile against this, with terms like ‘pay to win’. It’s most common with Free to Play games — you can play the base game for free, but if you want the best gear, you either grind for hours upon hours, or you drop cash and play immediately.

Recently, Star Trek Online has been in the crosshairs for F2P/P2W shenanigans. A pack of 3 ships, for instance, can cost upwards of $60. On one hand, I don’t mind subsidizing a game’s price with DLC. A new ship breathes new life into a game I might put down, and new ships are new strategies and new things to learn about. But ship design takes effort, and it will cost money that might not have been spent if the ship was just added free to the game. On the other, $60 is a new boxed game. I should be getting a whole new game, clean out of the box, with whole new stories, for my $60, in addition to a set of shiny new Command Cruisers.

Scale? What’s that?

DLC doesn’t kill a game. Ridiculous DLC. That is what kills a game. And given how the PVE queues struggle to put together a single team for the vast majority of queues? STO is suffering that fate. Sad for a game that I paid for a Lifetime Sub to…


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