Ignorant Gits And Pedestrians: A Solution For Our Ongoing Car-On-Pedestrian Violence

Another day, another pedestrian being run over in the city of Denver. Again, the perp decides she’s gonna run from the consequences of her actions, forgetting that in today’s world, it’s all to easy to catch her.

As a pedestrian and bicyclist, this of course worries me. Getting hit while on a bicycle is a real problem, and I’ve had assholes cut me off, blow stop signs, and so on. So, I see this article this morning, before they caught her, and I’m like, “here we go again.” Then the article is updated as the perp got caught.

Vehicular Homicide (the hit victim died).
Leaving the scene of an accident.

All things she must answer for. If it’s proven she did leave the scene of an accident, I’d love to see this punishment enacted, and enacted against anyone who hits someone then flees. Here’s to her, standing on the corner of Colefax Avenue and Fox Street, holding up a sign that reads, “Hi. I’m the assholish git that hit someone at this intersection and then fled the consequences of their action. Don’t leave the scene of an accident, because if you do, you’ll be the next assholish git holding this sign.” Let’s bring on the public humiliation for this…see if that stops it.


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