Subjecting myself to a stupid video, so you don’t have to.

Hi, everyone. How about a little analysis of this video.

First, what is it? It’s a piece of work done by a wireless consortium representing the likes of AT&T and Verizon to cloud up the issue about the recently released proposal to leverage Title II to undo some bad behavior by wireless companies.

Let’s examine the claims point by point.

Point 1: Next Gen Networks are ‘Totally at risk.’ 

At risk, how? The video never goes into details. The claim is made, and not substantiated, that the wireless providers would just walk away from their 4G infrastructure and investments in wireless spectrum. No details are given on how, or even why, such a thing would happen. We, here in the IT industry, have a phrase and acronym for this. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. FUD. Microsoft is old hat at FUD, and I’ve grown very adept at recognizing it. FUD on, guys. FUD on.

Point 2: You’ll pay more in taxes. 

72 dollars more, according to the suave announcer. And note they’ve got a black lady to talk to. And she’s TOTALLY not a paid shill…I mean, she didn’t have a shocked look before he told her. But what? What’s this? Is this a lie? Why, yes it is. In fact, the FCC has clearly stated that no new taxes will be required, due to a law exempting internet service from taxation.

Point 3: Free access to music/other data is going away.

Hmm. So if I don’t pay anything, I can connect to my favorite music service? No, I have to buy an internet plan? Here’s what the shill video didn’t tell you. T-Mobile (the best of the bunch) gives you 5GBs of data every month for your monthly service plan. Most sources of data consume that bit bucket, and when it’s all gone, your service is degraded to dialup speeds. However, a few ‘preferred partners’ can deliver you data that doesn’t count against that cap. It’s not getting free data. It’s being exempted from a restriction on your paid use of your service.

AT&T and Verizon are worse in this regard. They give you less data (1 to 2GB) and instead of limiting your speed charge you extra for overages.

Title II will eliminate this ‘perk’, by stating that all data must be treated equal. 5GB is 5GB, and 20Mbps is 20Mbps. You can’t exempt services you like (your services, services that pay you extra) from the limits, which is equivalent to imposing onerous limits on services you don’t like (say, Hulu or Netflix…).

CTIA supports an open internet.

They do? Then they should support net neutrality, which states that, to an ISP, data is data, and you can use your bits the way you want to. If they give you a 5GB bucket every month, then let you use that 5GB any way you want — to listen to your choice of music provider, watch your choice of video, download your choice of data, and use your preferred connection method to the internet (this means, use your phone as a gateway for your laptop if you so choose). But they don’t support this. What they support is an Orwellian turn on ‘Open Internet’, if you will, a ‘Free Internet’, where they are free to suck you for your last penny, force you into services of their choosing, and pick winners in the internet that support their goals. Title II is a threat to that vision, so they’ll throw out FUD, and outright lies, to stop it.


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