Some interesting observations.

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. However, I’ve observed some interesting outcomes of today’s election.

First, congratulations to Team Red. Not that I really want you in office, but sometimes in life, we don’t get what we want. And we survived Dubya, I think we can survive at least two years of Team Red running the show in the Senate.

But it’s still amusing to see the aftermath of whose lizards won. Let’s start with Team Red.

It’s not about good policy. It’s about DeFeAtInG EvIl! Tennessee voted resoundingly to allow legislators to ‘regulate’ Abortion. What does this mean? Well, Arkansas went for a fetal heartbeat bill that would outlaw abortion 6 weeks into the pregnancy (note: this means 4 weeks after the baby is conceived, and only 2 weeks after the will-be mother recognizes she’s pregnant!). Many other states have 12 week bans on the books. Will Tennessee go that route? We’re about to find out, and the voters of TN have only themselves to blame. And they say that warning over gay marriage and abortion bans is just meaningless fear mongering…

Some people say that now that Republicans have been elected, they’ll work with Democrats to run the government properly. Not if these people get what they want. But again. We’ll see. Lots of people will learn pretty quickly what they voted for.

And of course, the expected gloating is occurring over at Team Red. You sure can’t fault them for it — they had a very good night last night. The usual suspects over at Team Red HQ (that’s Redstate, the links all point there) are saying how this is the beginning of the end for Democrats and that they’re DOOMed and so on. Again. Time will tell. Voters made their choice, and Team Red is gearing up to give the voters exactly what they asked for. No, I’m not smirking here, all smug and shit. Of course not.

And while Team Red’s fans are gloating, and the clueless political cheerleaders are cheering the base, Team Blue is crying into its cornflakes (or is that Gornflakes — sorry, bad STO joke). Team Blue got shellacked last night. It looked like Denver vs. New England out there, and it really ended up bad for Team Blue.

On the front page of Huffington Post, proclaimed in big bold letters, with the ‘O’ done in Obama Style, is the single word ‘OUCH‘. What happened? Who set Team Blue up the bomb? All our base are belong to who?  (Sorry, old-school, but still…)

Some people attribute this to Team Blue not playing the game right. Democrats didn’t do enough to distinguish themselves from Team Red, which disillusioned voters, who stayed home because, hey, what’s the difference?

That same article pointed out how Democratic priorities passed across the nation. Team Blue scored some  victories in Colorado, with the Personhood Amendment take III going down 65% to 35%, like I and II did. They retained control of the State House. Hickenlooper clings desperately to a tight lead over Beauprez, and the lead has shifted. And even with those victories, team Red still had lots of positive news. Counted in their victories are the State Senate, US Senator Udall’s seat, 4 of 7 US House Seats,  the AG, the Secretary of State, and a whole host of other victories.

Another person argued that it’s time to do turnabout on the Republicans by vetoing all their priorities. Apart from the fact that the Dems are too nice to do such a thing, this has the potential of backfiring, but it’s all about beating Team Red. That couldn’t POSSIBLY go wrong, right?

One common theme in many articles is turnout gap. Some of us just can’t be bothered to show up at the polls. In Presidential Election years, Dem voters turn out. Off years, they stay home. 2010 and 2014 go GOP, while 2008 and 2012 the Dems have great years. People are lamenting this fact.

The bottom line is Democrats once again counted on Republican bad behavior to be a screen against paying the piper for their own behavior. They hedge and triangulate and try to play both sides, and when they do, only surprising to them, they lose elections. People stay home or vote Team Red because hell, if you’re going to get a pinkish candidate for voting Team Blue, you might as well get the real deal and vote Red.

So. Congratulations, Team Red. You are in the drivers seat. Let’s see what you do. Can you do any better than Team Blue?


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