Lots of hemming and hawing and ifs and stuff, but the bottom line? Prepare to welcome your new robotic overlords.

So. There’s an interesting article on SingularityHub, my source for what The Future ™ will look like. And this is what that article has to say. 

47% of you reading this article, give or take, are at risk of having your job taken from you right now by a computer. 

Do you sort packages for a living, such as FedEx or UPS? You’re on the chopping block. 

Do you do monotonous data entry? You’re lucky not to be gone right now. 

Do you do low end customer support? It won’t be too long before computers can pass the Turing Test and you’re gone, as all you’re doing is following a flowchart, which any computer can do. 

The really scary part? Do you drive a truck for a living? Better watch Google. They’re working on your replacement. Same if you drive a taxi. And while I think we’ll all welcome the idiots being taken off the road (you know the kind, with her cell phone in one hand, her makeup case in the other, driving with her knee, and screaming at the kids in the back), many well paying jobs will go with them. 

So. Jobs are rare. They’re about to get rarer. Are you ready for the singularity?



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