RedState and comparisons to Santa Claus…

Every now and then, I wander over to the Right side of the aisle to figure out what’s going on in their side of the insane asylum. And while the Democrats do have their insaney, the stuff I see on the GOP side of the spectrum usually has me just shaking my head. Much like this piece…

What do we have here. Well, let’s break it up into parts. The first part is a lame discussion about a children’s book. The author sees a parallel between the analysis of Santa Claus by the main character of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the political analysis of the Democrats. This has me chuckling in that they have to resort to grade school books to find something that jives with their political philosophy, but that’s kinda beside the point. So moving on, we move to how bad Obamacare (AKA the Health Care Act) is…and how OH NOES IT’LL RAISE YOUR RATES AND STUFF…while not posting any links to any proof that oh noes the rates are going up, but instead, being forced to admit that for the majority of us who already have health insurance, our rates are going down because many people who skipped out on it will now be paying into the system.

Mind you, there is room for good debate on the merits of forced health insurance. I’m still bitter that we got this and not the public option. But the next part of this silly article kind of put the fork in any chance of debating these ID-TEN-Ts…

They immediately start harping on the American Surveillance State. 

Really. Let me take a walk through memory lane a bit here. It’s fall in 2001. We’ve just been attacked. We don’t know yet that the people that attacked us were on our government’s radar, as Bush ignored 6 warnings of an impending attack. In the wake of these attacks, the Patriot Act is voted on by Republicans and Democrats both, and signed into law by then-President Bush. While I am pissed at the Dems for their support of this horrible piece of legislation, make no mistake whose feet I put this at. 220 Republicans and 211 Democrats combined with 50 Democrats, 49 Republicans, and one independent to pass this bill, which was written by Frank J. Sensenbrenner, a Republican. Of those saying no, only 4 Republicans voted against it in the House, and not a damn one in the Senate (only a single Democrat would vote against it…).

Sorry. Redstate’s fake outrage is just not that moving to me. A message to the GOP and to Redstate. Stating you’re against the USA PATRIOT act does not make me think of you as my hero. It just reiterates what I’ve always believed. You are hypocritical opportunistic assholes who will do whatever it takes to get back into power. And the moment you’re back in control? The NSA cookie jar will be filled with your hands up to the elbows again, like it was from 2001 until 2009 when your boy Bush could no longer play in it.


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