An introduction

I’ve been doing blogging so far by Facebook and Google+ and LinkedIn. This made lots of extra work for me, so after running into an issue with the length of posts, I’ve decided to start blogging here. It’ll simplify things more, allowing people to avoid my blogs who aren’t interested in tech or politics to see my posts here. 

So, now that you’re here, you’re probably wondering what this place will be about and who I am. Let me handle that.

I assume if you found your way from my Google+ or Facebook profile, you know who I am. If not, here’s a brief introduction. I consider myself to be a tech minded guy with a wide variety of interests spread from computers through gaming, from politics through science, and a wide array of stuff inbetween. I’m a geek, definitely, and a nerd, and I wear both labels with pride, now that they are proud titles to have. However, I’ve seen lots of things. I consider myself between GenX and GenY, with a healthy appreciation for the things the Millennial Generation has done and had done to them. I was a nerd when being called a nerd was uncool, and my collection of 80s music should give an idea that I’m not exactly a product of today. My interests in terms of tech will be tagged ‘Technology’. Science posts will be tagged ‘Science’.

My politics is moderate liberal, with a disdain for capitalism run amuck, a disdain for inefficiency, and an abject hatred for the sort of ‘holier than thou’ ‘I know better than you’ BS that overruns society today from both the Left and the Right. I’m very critical of the Right, but the Left has done plenty of things to piss me off as well, so they also catch my ire at times. The ‘Political’ Tag will be used on posts that deal with politics. There is occasionally overlap with the above topics, so sometimes you might see ‘Politics; Science’ to cover a post that deals with science and the influence politics has on it. 

Rarely you’ll see a post from me here that’s fun. Normally these sorts of posts will be on Facebook, but occasionally I’ll blog them here because I want to have a better level of exposure for them. Being a nerd, these posts will cover topics as diverse as games, anime, manga, science fiction, roleplaying games, and other fun topics. Being married, I may have a post or three on here with pictures of my wife. Some of these pictures may be ‘NSFW’ type pictures and will be tagged as such. Others will be more mundane and tagged, like everything else, ‘Misc’. 

Now that that’s taken care of, please stay and enjoy the show.


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